Intercom –  Integrated intercom system

Your wireless production with full communications to cameraman

Intercom –  Integrated intercom system

ABonAir’s Intercom system is the only one supporting integrated Intercom for communication between the cameraman and the director on the same RF channel as the video content. ABonAir’s system does not require an additional RF channel allocation for the Intercom or additional equipment support. This reduces cost, setup time and frequency usage. 

Cameraman Intercom - Connecting Cameraman and Director with 2W or 4W matrices support

Low delay enables production of ,ulti camera and live show without worry about delay between different cameras or lip sync.

Cameraman Intercom
Talent IFB

Talent IFB - Enables Talent IFB (Interruptible Foldback) in parallel to intercom communication

Interruptible foldback (IFB), also known as interrupted foldback or interruptible feedback, is a monitoring and cueing system used in television, filmmaking, video production, and radio broadcast for one-way communication from the director or assistant director to on-air talent or a remote location   

ABonAir Intercom system support also IFB.

Single Case package - All you need to operate the Intercom and IFB

Full Intercom system is packed in a single Pelican case including everything you need to operate out of the box in seconds. It includes Intercom belt pack, headset, cables etc.

Single Case package