Closed Arenas: Basketball, Ice Hockey, Athletics

The Challenge

  • In most if not in all closed arenas, the main building is made from hard surface materials like concrete, so coverage is limited from entrance to within the venue, inside the tunnel or locker rooms, and behind grand stands (concourse area).
  • The nature of dynamics in a closed arena, whereas people are exited, shouting loud, waving and clapping, thus creating extra noise that is amplified in closed arenas. 
  • Many smartphone devices, large number of seats (under 50K), network DAS Antennas, microphones, etc. will cause expected wireless interferences.

ABonAir Solution

ABonAir offers the perfect solution based on the deployment of its Fiber Based Antenna anywhere within the arena, venue, tunnel or locker-room and can cover 100% of the venue with a robust signal, aggregating signal bounce from walls (MIMO radio), and flexibility of shooting angles and locations within the arena.
The System also offers full Camera Control (RCP) for paint/shading, same as with wired cameras, and combined with high-quality video compression (H.264 high profile).
We recommend the AB507 for small arenas and the AB512 for large arenas.

Closed Arenas: PIC