Open Stadiums:  Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis and more

The Challenge:

  • Large coverage area.
  • High range due to the long distance between cameras and the control room or OB track.
  • Physical obstacles (like scoreboard signs).
  • Many broadcast networks and hence coordination is required.
  • Large number of seats (>50K).
  • DAS antennas expected wireless blind-spots (none line of sight).
  • Coverage within/between indoors to outdoors, Locker-room/tunnel area.

ABonAir Solution:

Fiber Based Antenna solution enabling antenna deployment anywhere within the arena including tunnel/locker-room and optimal signal design based on structure of the venue.

The ABonAir solution Provides excellent coverage for indoor/outdoor deployment and for OB-truck or Control-Room fiber patch to receiver.

Solution includes full Camera Control (RCP) for paint/shading the same as with wired cameras, with high-quality video compression (H.264 high profile)

We recommend the AB507 for small stadiums and the AB512 for large stadiums with the Multi-zone (MZ) upgrade package for best coverage of locker-room and concession areas.