Open Field: Golf, Ski resorts, Race-Tracks, Horse Racing

The Challenge:

  • Outdoors and open air activities, take place in wide and large areas where spectators want to see every move at every corner. For doing that, cameras need to be almost everywhere, covering all angles meeting the challenge of overlapping coverage zones.
  • Physical obstacles such as trees and ponds.
  • Range limitations.
  • Broadcast network coordination.
  • Coverage of both indoor and outdoor environments.

ABonAir Solution:

ABonAir offers the perfect solution based on the deployment of its Fiber Based Antenna with Multizone coverage, and Daisy-Chaining Antennas, including indoor/outdoor coverage based on field layout of the venue.
Using single-mode fiber infrastructure to connect multi-receive sites patch to a receiver (Control Room or OB-Truck).
Solution includes full Camera Control (RCP) for paint/shading the same as with wired cameras, and combined with high-quality video compression (H.264 high profile)
We recommend the AB512 for with the Multizone package for best coverage of multiple areas.