In today’s reality, news erupts every minute in every place around the globe. Broadcasters and news agencies are in constant race to cover these events are eagerly looking for the most authentic pictures and video coverage from any location, as news evolves. Audiences are extremely interested to see the first live footage, which today can arrive from any smartphone, LTE device or any Cellular Bonding Video solution. In today`s reality, all can be a field reporter feeding the world with what they see and hear. 

The Challenge:

Obviously, it is a real challenge to deliver live, authentic video coverage from these locations in broadcast quality especially when the reporter and news crew need to cover a larger area, condensed with cellular activities which sometimes can be blocked due to security reasons. Such task is carried out by the SNG news crew, arriving to the scene minutes/hours after the event had happened to broadcast a steady quality video. The challenge is to enable this crew to complete its task in the most efficient way.

ABonAir Solution:

ABonAir’s AB512 system is the ideal system for this challenge.
We recommend the AB507 for a small van that does not requires IFB and Intercom and the AB512 for a larger operation that requires an Intercom connection between the cameraman and the director.