Closed Stadium Concert

A concert, performed in either a large closed stadium or concert halls, is an exciting event. Monitors located around the stage are critical to the success of the show and they are all displaying content from wired camera due to delay limitation of wireless equipment, this disable cameraman from going on-stage for a close shot of the preforming artist. With the ABonAir’s revolutionary solution, this is not the case anymore. With a wireless camera that has only 7 msec delay, the cameraman is free to walk on stage without wires and provide the audience unique video footage that was impossible before. 

The Challenges:

  • Lip-sync problems when displayed on large screens at stage side.
  • Cameraman can not walk on stage with a wired camera.
  • Large number of audience, all with smartphone devices.

ABonAir Solution:

The new AB500 product family was designed specifically to answer this challenge by reducing systems' delay to 7 msec (less then half a frame), thus avoiding the lip-sync problem. 

We recommend the AB507 for small concert halls and productions that do not requires RCP or Intercom and the AB512 for large concert halls or stadiums.