Street Events

Street events attract large audience. They take place in open-air but often surrounded by buildings. They may evolve – growing, becoming more intense or settle down. They are very dynamic and cannot be predicted.  An event can start in one place and move to another. The news crew and cameramen must be in full coordination and ready for every change in course that may occur during a parade or any other street event. In a city, physical obstacles like buildings and wireless interferences from other equipment are common. Flexibility and the ability to quickly move from one scene to another, robust and high-quality picture are crucial for the successful event coverage.

The Challenges:

  • The need to move quickly from one seen to another
  • Mobile and structural interferences
  • Large crowds and changing amount of people
  • Unpredicted flow of events
  • Variety of scenes
  • Non-disturbed mobility

ABonAir Solution:

ABonAir offers the perfect wireless product range and systems deployment for any type of street event. This solution is using a single-mode fiber infrastructure to connect multi-antenna sites back to a receiver (in a Control Room or OB-Truck).

Solution includes full Camera Control (RCP) for paint/shading etc., just the same as with wired cameras and also Tally, IFB and Intercom, all combined with high-quality video compression for best picture quality utilizing H.264.

We recommend the AB512 with the Multizone package for best coverage of multiple areas.