About Us

ABonAir designs and markets wirelessvideo link systems for professional camera and production teams worldwide. Oursystems transmit video content from cameras to OB-vans or broadcast stations using microwave technology.

ABonAir'swireless broadcasting solutions are especially designed for news coverage (ENG), outdoor sports, reality shows, entertainment, live events and video assist.
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Our customers include TV channels, news broadcasters, production companies, OB vans, rental houses and system integrators.

We deliver systems for broadcast professionals through our global network of distributors and resellers, which functions through our headquarters and R&D center in Israel. To find a distributor nearest your location, click here.

AbonAir'srich set of products was designed to guarantee reliable and stable video transmission for different customer profiles, needs and budgets. Based upon our expertise in both video and wireless technologies for broadcast professionals, our development and marketing teams uniquely excel in designing the right camera link solutions at the right price.

Unique technology

Football goals, parachutists' landings, split-second finishes at the Olympics… sports, news coverage and reality shows are replete with unrepeatable moments that should never be missed. You can't afford to fail to catch each thrilling second in your broadcast. Further, you must be sure that not even a single pixel is dropped.

Our unique technology enables us to provide robust and reliable wireless video links and ensure continuous and stable transmission for the entire broadcast session.

ABonAir's outstanding bi-directional system, superior to anything on the market today, guarantees 100% accurate pictures. Built on a full-duplex data channel between cameras transmitters to receivers, the system acknowledges the correct acceptance of each packet of pixels. As a result, the system enables continuous and stable content transmission – ensuring the reliability and stability you need.

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