ABonAir Technology

ABonAir has been an innovator in the field of wireless video transmission since 2003 when it started the development of its 1st product.

Since, we have come a long way to launch our 5th generation product line with the best in its class, the AB512™.

Revolutionary H.264 CODEC – especially designed and optimized for wireless video transmission

Revolutionary H.264 CODEC

7 mSec delay (sub frame delay

7 msec delay (sub frame delay) for live event coverage & multi-camera production


Following extensive research and development, ABonAir provides the remarkable video frame delay of 7msec!  This low delay enables professionals the production of multi-camera and live show events without worrying about the delay caused by the simultaneous operation of different cameras and of any lip sync.

AB512– ABonAir's Best Wireless Video Link

The most comprehensive, feature-rich full solution with an all upgrade option.

ABonAir’s AB512™ wireless video system enables camera teams to transmit video directly from cameras to media centers or OB trucks wirelessly.

Built on a bi-directional radio channel between transmitter and receiver, ABonAir's systems acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, thus provides exceptionally robust and reliable transmission. 

The AB512™ supports ABonAir’s Fiber Coverage Extension (FCE), which enables connection of a single receiver to multiple FCEs in various venue locations (e.g. Horse Race Track – race track, stables and the winning circle) or even on completely separate sites (e.g. football stadium, basketball arena and swimming pool) all via fiber cables with unlimited range

AB512–  ABonAir Best Wireless
High-picture quality

High-picture quality (+52db PSNR)

with new revolutionary H.264 CODEC technology

The new ground-breaking CODEC by ABonAir combined with it's re-transmit algorithm and high bandwidth link, enable the ABonAir system to deliver very high picture quality of at least 52db PSNR.
Enable the ABonAir system to deliver very high picture quality of at least 52db PSNR.

Full resolution support  to 1080p60, 1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL and others to be used anywhere with any camera in any production.

As an international company, ABonAir’s systems support all bit rates and formats so that the system can be used at any production all over the globe with any camera type. The system supports frame rates of: 1080p60, 1080i60, 1080p59.94,1080p50,720p60,720p59.94,720p50... PSF, 24, SF etc.

If you have a special format or frame rate needs, just let us know and we will tailor a solution for you.

Full resolution support

The benefit of compression
Visual lossless are nice, but for quality picture you must have a true compression!

Uncompressed, visual lossless, invisible picture quality, these are all terms to describe consumer low quality products that are optimized for cost and not for performance, without compression video quality will always be poor when delivered wirelessly, all the creative terminology can not cover for the fact that is it impossible to deliver 1.5 Gbps or 3 Gbps wirelessly. So compromises are made on all aspects: Distance, Picture quality and Stability.