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Addressing Broadcasters' Must- Have List

ABonAir’s wireless broadcast systems transmit video content from cameras to OB vans or control centers using microwave technology. Our robust product line delivers exceptionally reliable and stable radio coverage even in challenging conditions. Above all, our systems lead the pack in picture quality, extended range, low delay, total availability, and easy set up – the essential “must-have” list of broadcast professionals today.
ABonAir solution includes a range of products with varying capabilities ensuring that we can fully address our customers' specific needs.
Our products support fast and easy set up with automatic configuration, and are CE and FCC approved.

Robust OFDM

ABonAir system utilizes a robust OFDM radio that assures radio coverage even in the most difficult scenarios. This technology, combined with a proprietary air protocol, was designed to stream HD video at the highest quality with consistent bitrates to meet broadcast standards.
Using OFDM radio assures a robust and reliable radio link under the most difficult conditions.

Video Compression for Broadcast Requirements

The innovative H.264 video CODEC embedded in ABonAir’s systems assures excellent picture quality and range. Our state-of-the-art video compression technology, along with wireless radio enhancements (extended range, security and quality),is ideal for broadcasting market needs and requirements.
The system's unique algorithms are specifically designed to merge video and wireless technologies and deliver unmatched picture quality and wireless video robustness.

Full Duplex Channel for Total Availability

ABonAir's technology is based on robust and reliable full duplex data channel that guaranties 100% availability. The system's bi-directional link is embedded with features such as CCU, Tally and Intercom. It provides an excellent range up to 2.5 km as well as low delay and low power consumption.

On the Air in 60 Seconds

With ABonAir products, broadcasters can be sure they can be live on the air with no distractions, confusing buttons, or complicated setup. Our systems don't require any manual set up and have no buttons or selection menus: no frequency selection, no encoder bit-rate selection, no PHY rate selection, no Internet set up. All you have to do is press on the ON switch; you can start broadcasting within 60 seconds at the most.

Full Range of Products

ABonAir’s solution includes 5 different products that were designed to guarantee reliable and stable video transmission for different customers and needs:

ab420   AB420
ab412   AB412
ab407   AB407
AB320   AB320

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