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Seamless, reliable event-wide coverage of MotoGP Australia


We set the links up and Kapow - perfect signal…The coverage up and down pit lane with one sector antenna on the receive side was extensive… Race day came and with now a full crowd of fans texting photos, all broadcasters in full swing and the racing in full Flight, our links did not miss a beat.

I was blown away with the performance of this solution from ABonAir. My technician simply switched the system on at the start of the day and we were away. It's a truly a set-and-forget part of our production toolset".

Axis Films CEO, Tim Maloney - -


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  The Customer

  Axis Fields: production company for Tier 1 Sports

  The Application

  3-day live broadcast of MOTOGP race, Australia  

  The Challenge

  Broadcast transmission in wireless RF congested environment

  The Solution

  ABonAir’s AB310

  The result

  A reliable and stable coverage

The Customer: MOTOGP racing

RFCameraMOTOGP is the premier motorcycle racing World Championship. In October 2013, the Tissot Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix was held in Phillip Island, Australia. Over 60,000 track visitors viewed the event on 17 Super screens and 350 installed LCDs, and millions of viewers around the world watched the race via international television coverage by Dorna Sports and Network Ten.


The Application: Live Wireless Track-Wide Broadcast

During the three days of racing events, a camera and broadcast transmissionlink operated in and around pit lane and on the grid prior to each race. The receive side of the link was placed on a Dorna camera tower opposite the pit lane. The race was covered live 10 hours a day, and 30 hours over the weekend.


The Challenge: A Solid Link and Reliable Coverage

 MotoGP races are considered some the harshest RF environments in the sports broadcast industry owing to interference from live RF cameras, telemetry from on-bike cameras, hi-powered radio microphones, team communications, fans’ mobile phones, and more.


Axis Films had previous experience with wireless broadcast transmissions. However, according to Tim Maloney, CEO, "For years I have had trouble renting wireless transmission systems that simply got blown away by the amount of RF that is associated with this sport. It was only frequency agile if there was a technician both at the camera and the receiver; we were never able to successfully navigate away from the RF problem. The environment was changing faster than we could."

To deliver reliable coverage in the overcrowded racing arena, Axis Films needed to ensure viable wireless links throughout the long broadcast. Having a camera off air was not an option.


The Solution: ABonAir AB310 - Stable, Seamless, Simple

To deliver a stable wireless link in the tough racing environment, Axis Films, with the support of ABonAir's Australian partner Quinto Communications and chose ABonAir’s AB310, attached to a Panasonic HPX3000 camera, including microphones. Three days before the race, Axis Films switched the systems on and were live with a very solid picture. For thirty hours over the next three days they were on air with full reliability, for both live and pre-recorded coverage.


RFCamerainMOTOGPpaddock"Practice day one – Friday: we usually get ready for our links to get shut down by all the RF as practice begins - nothing happened, we were still on line with a great signal. Qualifying day Saturday: the same. The arrival of BBC and Ten Network and other broadcasters meant nothing to us. Our pit lane picture was stable and perfect.

Race day came and with now a full crowd of fans texting photos, all broadcasters in full swing and the racing in full flight, our links did not miss a beat. With no need for a dedicated on-site engineer, or the accompanying flight and hotel expenses, it was a real cost saver.

ABonAir solved my problem by allowing me to Link my RF camera - the crucial item in our production - seamlessly and easily. We had solid links with no dropouts.

ABonAir gives me a competitive edge simply because our fans and my client are able to see perfect results on screen. “

-- Axis Films CEO Tim Maloney


About Axis Films

Axis Films provide cinematography services and consultancy in Australia for prime-time TV shows such as “MasterChef”, "So you think you can Dance", "Recipe to Riches", "Australian Idol” and “XFactor”. Axis Films applies a broad range of broadcast skill set solutions to venues and stadiums using specifically tailored fly away kits.


About Quinto Communications

 Quinto has steadily established itself as one of Australia and New Zealand's leading suppliers of high technology broadcasting equipment. Since its incorporation, Quinto Communications has shown itself to be a key player in a very dynamic industry.

To date we have accumulated many years' experience in both the technical and operational aspects of the Australian/New Zealand broadcasting industry.

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