NEW! ABonAir’s awarded, first ever – Telepromter and Video Return system – on display at IBC 2019

NEW! ABonAir’s awarded, first ever – Telepromter and Video Return system – on display at IBC 2019

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ABonAir is bringing to IBC 2019 the National Association of Broadcasters (USA) award winning Wireless Teleprompter and Video Return system. The system is a complete mobile wireless video solution  for tier-1 broadcasters.  The uniqiness of this system is based on the usage of the same single link that incorporates a teleprompter, video return, Camera Control Unit (CCU) and Intercom. The new system builds upon the ABonAir wireless HD system and allows TV production crews to use a wireless camera with all its functions (as with a wired camera), not neglecting any feature that is specially essential for a tier-1 broadcaster production.

As the usage of mobile wireless video system expands, the need for integrated teleprompter and return video feeds grows, especially in multi-camera productions. Such an integrated solution is a technological breakthrough. It gives broadcasters more confidence in using wireless camera systems and empowers cameraman.

Until today, when the use of teleprompter was required, a wireless production was not an option. In a multi-camera production, the cameraman was unable to see in the view finder what is on-air and broadcasted live. Now, with this new solution this can be achieved.

For the first time ever, there is a product that enables the production crew a mobile wireless production of the highest quality with all the functionalities that exist in a high-end professional camera, including video, audio, CCU, Teleprompter, Intercom Tally, Video Return and more.

The new system, relying on ABonAir’s technology for bi-directional radio links, without a separate RF Antennas and spate RF Channels, can transmit multiple links of data & video, in both directions or data and audio. These multiple bi-directional links are enabling the system to support broadcast quality video from the camera to the media center or control room and in parallel to return video from the control room to cameraman and prompter video from control room to camera for Talent use. All these are in parallel to Intercom and IFB for talent.


 The Teleprompter and Video Return system will be on display at ABonAir’s booth at Hall 2, A.58 

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