ABonAir designs and markets 4K and HD wireless video systems in broadcast quality for professional camera and production teams worldwide.  These systems transmit video content from cameras to OB vans or control rooms using microwave technology. ABonAir’s wireless video broadcast solutions are specially designed and used for sports, electronic news gathering (ENG), outdoor sports, reality shows, cinema, entertainment, live events and video assist.

ABonAir’s products and system solutions are recognized by industry leaders as top of the noch. Its NAB award-winning systems include the AB4000 – a professional 4K wireless video link, AB612 – 4K multi-zone system and the Wireless Teleprompter and Video Assist System.

ABonAir, offers a variety of solutions both for 4K systems and also for HD-based systems. These solutions, designed to meet the requirements of either a single zone or a multi-zone venue, are already implemented throughout the world with major broadcasters, private networks and universities in the US.

Based on ABonAir’s renowned technology used by tier 1 broadcasters and sports production teams over 14 years, ABonAir’s systems include unique features that no other system has.

ABonAir’s 4K systems utilize wireless optimized H.265 CODEC that ensures broadcast-level picture quality. In addition to these,  ABonAir’s bi-directional radio technology between the Transmitter and Receiver allows steady, robust, uninterrupted, and highly accurate video links as each and every pixel is acknowledged by the Receiver.

Additional features such as full HDR support, Tally lightCCU and PTZ, Lens control (L-bus), Loop through and Integrated Intercom using the same RF channel, make ABonAir’s systems the most comprehensive solution one can find.

See ABonAir’s products and systems range::

AB4000 – Professional 4K Wireless Video Link

AB612 – 6th Generation 4K Multi-Zone

AB512 – 5th Generation 7 Msec Multi-Zone

AB512-XR – Long-Range Wireless Microwave Transmission Solution

Wireless Teleprompter and Video Return System

AB1000 – Multizone Fiber Multiplexer

Fiber Coverage Extender

Integrated Intercom

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