“Because of the fantastic 7 msec video delay Glass-to-Glass” – ABonAir Customers Say It Best

“Because of the fantastic 7 msec video delay Glass-to-Glass” – ABonAir Customers Say It Best

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If you are considering a wireless broadcast solution, we invite you to read the words of a few of ABonAir’s customers:

“Using the ABonAir system in the 2016 Euro games, I was able to broadcast high quality live images from the field, simply by plugging the transmitter to the camera, setting up the receiver and the sector antenna and in less than 60 seconds, I was ready to broadcast live! No need for dedicated frequencies.” – Yves Tassel, AFP TV

“ABonAir provides RTL the needed strong signal that they adore so much, especially during mass coverage live events such as elections and breaking news.” – Thierry Peters, RTL Belgium S.A.

“Using ABonAir’s complete solution in car race events, all I have to do is simply plug the transmitter to the camera, setup the receiver and the sector antenna, plug in a BNC cable, switch on the TX (transmitter) & RX (receiver) and voilà – we are ready to broadcast live! It is very simple. The wireless solution is essential to our business.” – Jean Francois Thyssen, CMG Télévision

“Using the ABonAir system, we are able to cover TF1 news and the outside productions providing the high quality video feed to our studio, in the most efficient way. The combination of video plus camera control plus intercom in one integrated system, as well as the automatic frequency setup, enables our team fast operation and ease of use of a wireless RF system.” – Yves Bouillon, TF1

“NBT television is using multiple cameras for each production, to cover all the events shooting angles. AB512 provides the ability to use a wireless camera together with wired cameras in the same production, because of the fantastic 7 msec video delay glass-to-glass. This delay figure stays stable when it includes the RCP control of our Hitachi cameras, so we get a full remote wireless solution.” – Anan Tharapecharat, NBT Television

“Using ABonAir Multi-Zone Wireless system, we are able to follow the procession, keep contact with the camera crew using the embedded intercom and provide our believers the live excitement of the holy ceremony, roaming between the different FCE zones without any effect on the video. The live broadcast is seamless and flawless.” – Cristiano Assunção, Christian Media Centre

There is more where these came from! Below you can see a list of many more ABonAir customers.


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