ABonAir to cooperate with ARRI, Sony, Blackmagic, Skaarhoj and Cyanview showcasing its 4K wireless video solutions at IBC’23

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ABonAir, the leading provider of professional wireless video solutions will showcase at IBC’23 its state-of-the-art solutions for Live shows, Sports, Broadcast and Cinema industries utilizing its 4K wireless video systems – the NAB award-winning AB4000 and AB612 systems, together with leading camera and RCP brands: ARRI, Sony, Blackmagic, Skaarhoj and Cayanview

  1. Live shows and sports

For live shows and sports events coverage, it is highly recommended to utilize ABonAir’s AB4000 4K feature-rich and lightweight system.

The AB4000 will be mounted onto Blackmagic’s URSA camera and will become the single point of communication for video and data, that enables to add RF link to any en with low production budgets.  

AB4000’s advanced data capabilities, in addition to the 4K video stream, facilitate the control of the URSA BMD camera using Cyanview RCP system over Ethernet protocol.

2. Broadcast

When it comes to remote productions and multi-venue sites or with various coverage points. It is best to utilize, ABonAir’s AB612 system that enables unlimited multi-zone coverage together with ABonAir’s FCE (Fiber Communication Extender). With the right spread of antennas and FCE’s, coverage becomes limitless and cost-effective. 

At this live demo for broadcasters, we will showcase the AB612 streaming video out of a Sony FX-9 camera and controls the Skarjoi RCP over Ethernet protocol.

3. Cinema 

For the Cinema industry, the AB4000 which has special motors for lens control, is the ideal system. At the live demo, the AB4000 will be mounted onto the Alexa35 mini camera, thus creating a single point of communication for video and data and at the same time, enabling its use over the Trinity or other Crain / rail setup.

We will demonstrate how AB4000’s advanced data capabilities in addition to the 4K video stream enable the control of the lens motors over Can-Bus and the Skaarhoji RCP control over Ethernet protocol.

All demos will be shown live on IBC’23 Hall 12, stand G50

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About the AB4000

The AB4000™ is a lightweight and feature-rich broadcast-quality system (4Kp60 video through 12G SDI or HDMI interfaces) with extremely high picture quality and a robust link, based on the ABonAir unique Bi-Directional® link empowered by its ReTransmit® algorithm, which was designed to overcome wireless interference by acknowledging each and every pixel sent over the air and verifying its content before decoding, using the wireless optimized H.265 CODEC.

The AB4000 units are equipped with LBUS and FS-CAN for Lens Control, thus, allowing focus pullers to control Lens motors from far, combined with wireless video in the same unit. This is a single-box solution for both video monitoring and lens control. All this is in parallel to other Receivers that can be used by the director, the light control and others in the production team. The AB4000 includes an integrated Intercom and Tally light to support multi-camera productions.

On top of these, AB4000 supports shading/painting (CCU/RCP) & PTZ camera control and is compatible with cameras from manufacturers such as ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Hitachi, Ikegami, Sony and Panasonic.

About the AB612

The ABonAir AB612™ is a feature-rich 4K wireless video link for professional broadcasters.  It relies on a 4K lightweight wireless Transmitter and a 4K 1U Receiver. Thus, allowing the camera teams to wirelessly transmit 4K video directly from the camera to the media centers or OB trucks.

The AB612 utilizes a wireless-optimized H.265 CODEC that ensures broadcast-level picture quality. In addition, ABonAir’s bi-directional radio technology between Transmitter and Receiver allows steady, robust and highly accurate video links as each and every pixel is acknowledged by the Receiver. Additional features such as full HDR support, Tally light, CCU and PTZ, make the AB612 system the best solution for any professional 4K broadcast.

The AB612 is perfect for sports, large and medium to small sizes areas (open and closed), studios such as reality show productions, news (OB trucks, DSNG and DENG vans), live events (stadium concerts and street events) as well as religion (house of worship live broadcasts).

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