AB500 Products

The all New Revolutionary 7 msec Delay Wireless Microwave Transmission Solution.

Innovative Technology

ABonAir’s Game Changing, groundbreaking technology is in the heart of all our products.

About ABonAir

About ABonAir

Live Excitement. Wirelessly!

ABonAir provides Sports, News and Live Event TV professionals with a robust Wireless Video Link in unlicensed frequencies. Our new AB512™ and AB507™ systems deliver video in an incredible 7msec delay without compromising the superior video quality that ABonAir is known for. 


News Coverage

Ideal for ENG in the field with integrated Intercom for the cameraman and IFB for the talent.

Live Events

With only 7 msec Delay and 3 Km / 2 miles in range, the AB500™ product line is the best solution that makes any live event production super easy with no lip-sync problems.


Supporting automatic frequency scanning and frequency hopping the AB512™ is the best solution for your 100,000 spectators event, either a Car Race, a Football Game or Basketball Match. Even a full golf course match is not a challenge for the AB512™ with its Multi-zone support.