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Religious Services – Indoor and Outdoor House of Worship

The Challenges

  • Live broadcast of religious services requires a high level of mobility between stage and audience
  • Avoid visual lip sync variance between speaker and multiple large screens
  • Speakers walk among the audience much more than live sports broadcast
  • Cameras move from inside the house of worship to outdoor activities
  • Religious items in the house of worship cannot be moved



ABonAir Solution

ABonAir offers the perfect solution for live religion broadcasts. First and foremost, our hardware is easy to install, so your production team can quickly onboard. All of our products work seamlessly with your current system. One Fiber Coverage Extender (FCE) will allow your cameras to cover the stage, audience and outdoor religious activities. Our 5th and 6th generation products are perfect for your live house of worship broadcast needs.

ABonAir’s 5th and 6th generation products resolve the lip sync variance with a 7 msec sub frame delay.

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