ABonAir to Support Panasonic Camera Control Unit (CCU)

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Controlling the camera remotely without cables

ABonAir to Support Panasonic Camera Control Unit (CCU)

Controlling the camera remotely without cables

Kfar Saba, Israel August 14, 2013: ABonAir, a leading provider of microwave video link systems, announced today that it added Panasonic camera control unit (CCU) support to its wireless video link product line. Complementing its support of Sony CCU, ABonAir wireless video link systems now support Panasonic CCU to operate the camera from the control room.

Camera control unit (aka RCP: remote control panel) enables configuration of a professional video camera from a central point, sending control signals to and from the camera. In multiple-camera setups, the CCU enables the cameras to be monitored and synchronized in terms of color balance, picture intensity, saturation or iris control from the control room.

In a wired setup, the CCU at the control room is connected to the camera through a dedicated cable or triax, which creates limitation of distance and field deployment. ABonAir’s wireless video link systems allow broadcasters to transmit content from cameras to Outside Broadcast Vans (OB Vans) or control rooms quickly and easily, without using cables.

ABonAir’s AB310/312/320 products now support the CCU standards of both Sony and Panasonic and replace the need for CCU cables. The products do not require external components or any set-up to support the CCU. Also, there is no need to add supplementary antenna or allocate another frequency. The system utilizes the same frequency for the video transmission and intercom as a channel for the CCU signals, enabling a smaller, lighter and less power-consumption set-up.

ABonAir’s AB310/312/320 future-proof links support Sony and Panasonic CCUs on a physical layer, meaning that all CCU models today and those that will be introduced in the future are supported.

The CCU starts to work when switching-on the system, and automatically identifies the CCU protocol being used, with no need for manual configuration. Broadcasters may use the same wireless link equipment for both Panasonic and Sony CCUs and switch as needed without any set-up.

ABonAir’s CEO, Mr. Eran Igler, said: “We are happy to add Panasonic CCU functionality to our wireless video link systems. ABonAir’s unique bi-directional technology enables us to add the CCU functionality without the complexity and cost of adding another transmitter and receiver, which would increase the overall solution cost. In ABonAir’s exclusive bi-directional links, both transmitter and receiver can send and receive data and cos control information. The bi-directional link technology enabled us to lower the cost of the CCU functionality and to roll the savings to the customer.”

Panasonic CCU functionality is commercially available now in AB310 / AB312 / AB320 systems.

For more information please contact: info@abonair.com

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