ABonAir Introduces MIMO Wireless Broadcast Transmitters

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The New AB420, AB412, AB407 Systems Use Full MIMO Radio to Increase Coverage, Performance and Picture Quality

ABonAir Introduces MIMO Wireless Broadcast Transmitters The New AB420, AB412, AB407 Systems Use Full MIMO Radio to Increase Coverage, Performance and Picture Quality

Kfar Saba, Israel, March 31, 2014: ABonAir, a leading provider of wireless broadcast transmitters, has today introduced its MIMO product line, offering enhanced wireless performance and coverage. ABonAir’s wireless broadcast systems enable camera teams to transmit broadcast sessions directly from a camera to a media center or director-monitor over the air without the restrictions of cable connections. ABonAir systems deliver exceptionally reliable and stable radio coverage, enabling unique video content creation.

ABonAir’s new MIMO product line employs multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver to enhance transmission performance and ensure improved coverage even in the most radio-challenging environments.

MIMO, or Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output radio and modem architecture, allows simultaneous transmission of two data streams via two radio transceivers each over two antennas. Combining all four signals into one RF stream in the receiver improves on the SNR (Signal-To-Noise) ratio, producing better coverage and link stability.

In MIMO technology the receiver picks up energy from signal reflections off objects such as walls or cars and uses them to increase the strength of the received signal. The outcome is improved coverage. MIMO provides better Near-Line-of-Sight performance and better coverage in concealed locations. MIMO is the next generation evolution of Diversity receivers and MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining).

Eran Igler, ABonAir CEO: “The MIMO value-added effect for broadcasting is noticeable in crowded events and locations like sport stadiums, churches, and city streets. When using the existing diversity transmitters, broadcast coverage in crowded streets may be compromised both by reflection from cars or trucks and by a challenging Line of Sight. MIMO technology collects the reflections and improves receiver sensitivity instead of viewing them as interference. With MIMO, these reflections are constructive rather than disruptive.”

ABonAir MIMO products allow broadcasters and production companies to achieve greater video quality and coverage in congested locations. ABonAir MIMO products AB407, AB410, AB420 are commercially available.

For more information please contact: info@abonair.com

About ABonAir Ltd.

ABonAir Ltd. is a leading provider of wireless video solutions for broadcasting, electronic news gathering, sport events and reality shows. ABonAir develops wireless microwave links that enables video transmission from field cameras directly to a news track, OB-vans or media center. ABonAir’s customers include sport facilities, universities, news broadcasters, production companies, mobile trucks, rental houses and system integrators. ABonAir’s unique technology enables us to provide exceptionally robust and reliable wireless video links. ABonAir’s bi-directional systems, superior to anything on the market today, guarantees 100% accurate pictures and ensures that not even a single pixel is dropped while broadcasting. We deliver systems for broadcast and sport professionals through our global network of distributors and resellers.

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