ABonAir to allow Racing NSW coverage of 40 race tracks with Wireless Camera Links

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ABonAir to allow Racing NSW coverage of

40 race tracks with Wireless Camera Links

May 2017 – Racing NSW is the regulating body for thoroughbred horse racing in New South Wales and is responsible for the control of 40 race tracks throughout the metropolitan and country areas of the State.

Faced with the challenge of bringing live authentic video coverage from stables paddock and the racecourse, Racing NSW turned to Quinto Communications to provide a wireless RF video solution, capable of providing live pictures from these locations and seamlessly move around the racing coverage area.

Using their long association with AbonAir, Quinto responded to Racing NSW request for assistance and were able to put together a wireless broadcast package consisting of ten AbonAir AB412 camera transmitters and IRU receivers including remote Camera CCU control and tally light support.

AbonAir’s AB412 transmitters utilise Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) radio architecture that permits simultaneous transmission of two data streams via two radio transceivers. Combining signals into one in the Receiver produces better coverage and link stability. The system also employs two antennas at both the transmitter and receiver to enhance transmission performance and ensure improved video coverage up to 2.5Km even in the most radio-challenging environments.

Quinto’s CEO, Tom Pavicic took a personal interest in this exciting project. “With such wide coverage areas we had to ensure we had rock steady links with no fading or other artefacts”, said Tom. “The key to the success of the project was the deployment of Sector Antennas combined with Fiber Optic Coverage Extenders (FCE) to cover the race courses. The system is now so flexible that any time in the future Racing NSW can deploy additional FCE’s in order to cover additional areas of the tracks”

Racing NSW management commented…… “We had been looking at various aspects of wireless coverage in great detail and came to the conclusion that the AbonAir system appeared to be an ideal mid-range solution for our regional and country facilities. Quinto Communications kindly provided an Abonair AB412 evaluation system which we successfully tested as part of the roll out of our new broadcast facilities. The tests were very successful showing us we could achieve the required range of coverage and desired picture quality and so we decided to proceed with the purchase of ten AbonAir AB412 wireless systems that are integrated within our fleet of new OB trucks.

The AbonAir systems are now in regular use throughout New South Wales racetracks and are proving to be a valuable addition to Racing NSW’s broadcast video coverage of Australian horse racing”.

About ABonAir

ABonAir Ltd. is a leading provider of wireless video solutions for broadcasting, electronic news gathering, sport events and reality shows. ABonAir develops wireless microwave links that enables video transmission from field cameras directly to a news track, OB-vans or media center. ABonAir’s customers include sport facilities, universities, news broadcasters, production companies, mobile trucks, rental houses and system integrators. ABonAir’s unique technology enables us to provide exceptionally robust and reliable wireless video links. ABonAir’s bi-directional systems, superior to anything on the market today, guarantees 100% accurate pictures and ensures that not even a single pixel is dropped while broadcasting. We deliver systems for broadcast and sport professionals through our global network of distributors and resellers.

For more info, please check our website: www.abonair.com Media contact:

Ms. Hanita Rosenthal


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