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VidOvation published an interesting article about ABonAir’s technology capabilities. The article focuses on ABonAir’s 7 msec sub frame delay – which is a big deal for live TV broadcasters. Jim Jachetta, VidOvation CTO, is quoted as saying, “ABonAir has achieved a remarkable 7-millisecond latency — something no other vendor has been able to achieve while maintaining broadcast quality and high reliability using industry-standard H.264 encoding.”

The article goes on to discuss ABonAir’s place as one of the only systems with full bi-directional (MIMO) radio for video transmission. “Others might have other bidirectional secondary radios for camera and intercom control, but ABonAir has the only radio to achieve an unheard-of 50 megabits per second throughput bidirectionally, depending on RF conditions. This feature ensures the transmitter and receiver are constantly talking to each other. If a packet is missing, the decoder requests the missing packet within 7 milliseconds.”

Click here to read VidOvation’s article on ABonAir.

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